Just Keeping It Real


Well since we already have the worlds greatest geek related podcast we figured why not go ahead and take over the world of blogging as well? If you’re already a fan of the FanBrosShow podcast then welcome, and if not what have you been doing with your life? For those that don’t know the Fan Bros podcast is the premier podcast of geek culture by people of color. We approach the world of fandom from a perspective not often seen in geek life, that of the hip, urban, educated fan who takes their passions seriously, but never forgets what made them love the fan world in the first place. Stay tuned much more to come from us but for now please subscribe to our show on Itunes and check us out on Soundcloud as well. You can also follow me DJ BenHaMeen on Twitter and check the official account run by Chico Leo @FanBrosShow. We here now.